Remittances to Mexico on the Up, Up and Up!

Despite the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) by the current Trump Administration when it comes to Mexico, The Border Wall, Clamp down on both legal and illegal immigration, etc. One would imagine that the remittances (money being sent back home) would dwindle.

Yet, just the opposite has happened. Figured released by the Central Bank of Mexico (Bank of Mexico), January 2019 remittance figures saw a boost of 6.5%.

Mexico received 2,414.94 Million Dollars. Remittances from the United States increased also by 4.39% to an annual rate of 7.71 million remittances. The average transaction value also rose from US$ 307 to US$ 313.

2018’s annual number of remittances received by Mexico was 33.470 Billion Dollars.